December 14, 2017

Montreal Audi Club

The Ultimate Car Show Of The Year In Canada EuroKracy 2014

Each year, car enthusiasts from Quebec,Canada and from the United States converged to Eurokracy at Napierville Dragway, see what is the largest gathering of European vehicles in Canada, easily over 1000 cars cars.

Of course, some Japanese dare point, but after all, do we not celebrate diversity?

The event proved a great organization, and despite the huge traffic.

Eurokracy even sought the expertise of famous automotive photographer Sam Dobbins who is the founder of Dobbins travels all over US and Canada, photographing the finest Euro vehicles and was on hand to document and judge the show.

Here are some pics from the event on Facebook by Nicolas Desa Photography

Here are only Audi pics on our Facebook page

Here is the Eurokracy Burnout Winner

Another video of a Bmw e46 burnout

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